Flip Book Competition

The Napa Flip Book Competition is an international competition of flip book animations. 

Thank you so much for all the participants in 2015!
The competition jury has met and made their final decisions.
The winners are:

1. Prize (400 euros, publishing contract)
Katja Ronkanen

2. Prize (Book prize)
Kenn Munk

3. Prize (Book prize)
Tara M. Wood

Jury members:
Jenni Rope (Artist, publisher of Napa Books)
Marjo Granlund (CEO, Napa Art & Licensing)
Katri Paakkanen (Artist)

See the winner flip books here:



DEADLINE: November 1st, 2016 (Postmark date)

The award: The winning entry will receive a 400 EUR prize and will be published by Napa Books. We also choose a winner in the kids category (under 17 years), who will receive a book prize. A jury consisting of Finnish artists and illustrators will choose the winning pieces. We will contact all the participants in one months time.

How to make your competition entry: The animated flip book should consist of 70 images. Napa has printed empty flip books you can use as a basis for your entry - and they can be bought here. But you can just aswell make the flip yourself, with the advice below.

-Flip book will consist of 70 pictures
-Size 85 x 55 mm (horizontal)
-Colours: B/W inside pages, cover 4 colours
-Bound the book tightly (with a rubber band or a binder clip)

Fee: We are collecting a participation fee (10 euros), so we can send your original works back to you. Send the money in cash with your entry, or make a Paypal payment to flipbookcompetition@napabooks.com (and include the receipt of your payment with your entry). If you are sending more than one entry, or taking part as a school group, you need to pay only once (up to 16 flipbooks)

Sending your work to the competition: Be sure to include your name, age, address and e-mail IN THE BACK of your flipbook! Please do not write them on a separate piece of paper that might get lost. Note that your envelope should be less than 2cm thick.

Send your work to:
Napa Flip Book Competition
Otavantie 3 c 99
00200 Helsinki

Previous Napa Flip Book Competition winners:

Giada Ganassin: You are cute (IT), 2013
Laura Geurten: It's just a phase you're going through (BE), 2012

Terhi Ekebom: Sweet Home (FIN), 2011
Joost Stokhof: Sixty seconds of fame (NL), 2nd prize, 2011
Samuli Otto-Henrik Saarinen: Hyrsky (FIN), 2010
Renaud Perrin: Volcano (FRA), 2009
Stine Illum: Friends (DK), 2008
Elina Minn: Pyjama Infinity (FIN) 2nd prize, 2008